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"Woman, Shape Your Body" is a large roll of skin-coloured surgical plaster that can be shaped to resemble a perfect dome-shaped breast. By pressing lightly on the flat roll, one can mould the plaster into countless shapes to form not just rounded, dome-shaped breasts but also pointy breasts, crooked breasts, flat breasts, and breasts with and without nipples.

The spiral is an ancient decorative element symbolising "the powers of creation". "Woman, Shape Your Body" suggests that the perception of the body is changing, not least due to the possibility afforded by cosmetic surgery to change the body away from its natural shape. The credo of the 1960's and 70's: "Woman, know your body" is no longer enough.

"Woman, Shape Your Body” is worn on the body on top of the clothes as an external representation of the body moulding that normally takes place invisibly, under the skin. By adding a third breast, "Woman, Shape Thy Body" challenges the limits of the natural appearance that plastic surgery normally adheres to. The project debates plastic surgery as a phenomenon, and one of the questions raised by "Woman, Shape Your Body" is why the thought of a third breast seems so much more bizarre than the thought of having one’s existing breasts enlarged with silicone.

Woman, Shape Your Body
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