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MeTHOS (2021-22)

In MeTHOS the intimate, private and personal sphere (me), represented by my own naturally shed hair, collected and colour-sorted every day for eighteen months, is connected with the cosmological spere (mythos), represented by this Bronze Age myth: at sunrise, the sun is pulled up from the night ship to the day ship by a fish. At noon, the sun is pulled by the sun horse, and at the end of the day, the serpent takes the sun back to the night ship.

MeTHOS, archive
Col xl methos proces


The Archive of my own naturally shed hair, colour-sorted

MeTHOS, sun/horse
Col xl methos h rsol hvid

MeTHOS (sun/horse)

Diameter: 25 cm (the hair pad: 5 cm)

MeTHOS (sun/horse), body
Col xl methos h rsolp krop

MeTHOS (sun/horse)

MeTHOS (sun/serpent)
Col xl methos h rslangereb

MeTHOS (sun/serpent)

1 m long "rope" of grey hair - 3.600 hair tied together

Col xl methos h rslangereb detalje

MeTHOS (sun/serpent)

Pulling the hair of the rope makes the serpent wind.

MeTHOS (sun/serpent), de farvede
Col xl methos h rslangereb farver

MeTHOS (sun/serpent)

The main “serpent” and the small, coloured ones can be combined and arranged in different ways.

MeTHOS (sun/fish)
Col xl methos fisk

MeTHOS (sun/fish)

Col xl methos fiskenet

MeTHOS (sun/fish)